Trashy dove is still around, and for good reason. It is still undoubtedly one of the trends which has gotten way out of hand. If you’re looking for how to get delete trashy dove or atleast get rid of it,  of it, I have bad news for you. You probably can’t.

Exploring the internet may not have helped, or the solution may not be as easy is pressing a button.


In fact, on this matter, if Facebook decides the trashy dove gets deleted,, it gets deleted. Otherwise, trashy dove is here to stay and become a permanent member of the meme family, even though it may very well be that annoying aunt. This meme deserves the title of being unintentionally one of the most irritating as well as entertaining thing to hit social media yet.

Although, there is a way to block all images from a specific site such as Facebook, here is a step by step guide on how to do just that.