If you haven’t seen it already, on the latest Holy Shit episode on LinusTechTips, an unboxing of a ton of 10TB Seagate enterprise drives have been unboxed. That’s over 100 hard drives, probably the most you’ve seen in one place.


Costing a whopping $5000, this is perhaps the most overkill solution anyone has ever seen. But again, LinusTechTips is known for their over-the-top and overkill videos.

The decision was made of moving towards 1 petabyte storage solution was the fact that Seagate upped their hard drive capacity from 6 terabytes to 10 terabytes. Along with the extremely reliable hard drives themselves, their enclosure is filled with Helium making them more efficient and safe.

The drives were added to Linus’ older “storanator” will not be running on Un-raid instead of running with a mix of some Linux either scentOS or Ubuntu. Along with that, Seagate is also sending them 7 terabyte  PCI-e nitro cards acting as a high-speed cache infront of the physical drives.

The problem with any kind of RAID, it seems like only about 800TB of storage will actually be usable. Impressive nonetheless.