Zelda: Breath of the Wild is playable on the PC using the CEMU, this is a Wii U emulator allowing some games to play played on your computer.

The 1.7.4d version of CEMU is out – though it improves the FPS on a lot of systems it’s still not a viable enough option for anyone looking for a smooth experience.

A YouTuber by the name of BSoD Gaming has recently figured out a jerry-rig fix for the lag issue using CEMU in Zelda breath of the wild.

Steps RivaTuner

  • Download and install RivaTuner
  • Run the program and click on the massive plus sign on the bottom left of the screen
  • Select CEMU.exe (the emulator exec) and it will be highlighted in the left window
  • Run Zelda Breath of the Wild using Cemu
  • While in game, go to the RivaTuner and set the FPS limit to 10 FPS

After doing this, you’ll have only 10 FPS in-game and will usually be stable/locked in place.

Steps Cheat Engine

Do this step after the RivaTuner One

  • Download and install cheat engine
  • Run it and click on the computer icon below “File”
  • Select CEMU.exe -be sure you’ve completed the above RivaTuner steps-
  • Select Value type and change it to ALL from 4 Bytes
  • Set the Scan Type to Bigger Than
  • Click on the “Speed Hack” button on the Cheat Engine and Set the Value to 2.3

After doing the steps, even though the CEMU will be telling you that you’re getting 10 FPS, you’ll actually be having a MUCH smoother experience as compared to before.

Here’s the video explaining it via BSoD Gaming: