The latest Call of Duty: World War 2 or WW2 is finally out. While a lot of the COD franchise fans may be excited about the games, especially since the trailer was goosebumps-inducing, the time of the announcement was perfect.

However, we are skeptical whether or not Call of Duty: WW2 is worth buying. After years of failed games, Activision did try to bring the series back to its roots, and that’s what most fans wanted. With the success of the World War 1 based Battlefield 1, it was only logical that the public interest was shifting from modern-esque games.

Sledgehammer Games will be developing the game, same company which had developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Advanced warfare, both of which are future based. It will be interesting to see what the developers concoct up with their latest project.

The Trailer


The trailer shows us a very typical Call of Duty setup, a few heroic and iconic characters; working up the story to create lovable entities then brutally getting them killed, a few bad ass soldiers, a lot of cinematic, suspense-filled scenes and what seems to be the invasion of Normandy and the daring sacrifice of  American Soldiers on the Omaha Beach.

Call of Duty: WW2 Campaign

First of all, the campaign will be a redeeming factor of the game – we can expect an amazing, story-driven and cinematic campaign with multiple stealth-based “capture the objectives” missions, a wide variety of characters, emotional dialogue to build up empathy for characters and best of all, a soundtrack to join it all together.

While retaining that typical COD campaign design, as mentioned before, the game will be more story driven. A shorter, well-written campaign with everything the community wants including COD MW2 type stealth missions, interrogations and more.

Here are the first 15 minutes of gameplay in 4k resolution.

Call of Duty: WW2 Multiplayer

The multiplayer side of the game will be especially interesting – we saw Battlefield 1’s multiplayer-heavy game while keeping the campaigns short and sweet. We’re going to see the same thing again with COD: WW2. However, the basic ingredients which make the series will remain, you won’t be able to ride planes, cars or tanks and fundamentals like care packages, air strikes, mortar strikes etc will remain.

However, we may be seeing larger maps (though that’s very subjective to players whether getting larger maps is better) this time around, not Battlefield 1 sized big but considerably bigger than what is the norm.

The multiplayer side will be basic, clean and comfortable without anyone having superhuman abilities.

Classes will be emphasized, medics, supports, gunners etc will serve special purposes when it comes to team play.

After the COD: WW2 Open Beta

Unlike a lot of people who went into the COD: WWII open beta who expected the game to be more like Battlefield 1 with a little “realism” thrown in, I actually went into the game thinking it was going to be pretty much like the previous COD games just set in a different era.

But in all honesty, I was actually expecting some major changes in the game -which there are, if you’re looking at it from a different perspective- but unfortunately, it seems like the same old’ game with the same old’ concept but with slightly worse gun selection, is terrible unrealistic (for an olden-era game) and probably more unbelievable than COD Infinite warfare.

While the above-mentioned things can be forgotten, the basic issue with the open beta was something I personally was dreading.

The game is extremely lack-luster, it has the exact same concept as before, and the only thing which has changed is that this time, they actually made things worse. As for the beta, the servers are laggy, the game is rather unoptimized and the game guzzles RAM like a beast.

Being PC isn’t always the best choice

You can also play as both genders. While this is a great move and something we have known about for a long time already, it just seems extremely unnatural.

Don’t get me wrong, the current world is opting for this political correctness, but when you’re making an olden war-themed game, you really need to check how your game stacks up to your fan base and where are you actually promoting this game.

There will be a lack of swastikas in the multiplayer side of the game. However, the single player will be able to take full advantage of the symbol of the Nazi regime.

In any case, the undermining of men who died in the war is a serious problem everyone should stand up against.


The lack of real-world gameplay changes

While this was the inherent issues with previous COD games as well, this game had to capitalize on lack of gameplay changes, terrible hitboxes, lack of purposeful objective capturing incentives and most of all, the fact that the team play hasn’t at all been changed and is more or less a “multiplayer singleplayer game”.

The Open Beta was confusing to say the very least, while they did maintain a very fast-paced game, they also added many things which seem absolutely unnatural and “plugged” rather than being an official part of the game and complementing the era.

The red dot sight for instance; while there were some army officers that did use red dot sights made up of glass and had a drawn on redpoint on them, they were never mass produced which does add to the confusion on why they couldn’t come up with something better.

BF1 really tried making their game a bit more team-oriented (though they might have succeeded 100%), but this game completely misses the point of their new health system and an even worse system where “squad importance” really means nothing has been created.

A user by the name of Plastine pretty much summed the game like this in the steam reviews

  •  Not many guns, just over 12 across all categories
  • Shotguns need work, their rate of fire is really low and aren’t very good in CQB
    Maps are tiny, and not many straight lines, making sniper rifles a close quarters weapon (most “long” kills were around 5-8m (16-26 feet) in range), hopefully, larger maps and more straight
  • corridors are added to make snipers more fun.
  • Gameplay feels like a reskin of older CODS (could be a pro if you like that)




The newest Call of Duty: WW2 is a very choice-dependent game. If you like the COD format and want a fresh new game and a slightly different gameplay, then this game might be for you.

However, for a lot of people, comparing the game to Battlefield 1 would be the end of it. Both these games are completely different.

Even though the newest cod is a much bigger hit than the previous ones, we wouldn’t suggest it to players that have bought the game expecting something completely new or different. It is essentially the same old game revamped into a WW2 era.

It is worth buying for old-time COD fans and for people who’re looking for a good fastpaced shooter and definitely a great gift for your 12-year-old cousin during the holidays.