If you’re looking for a wireless mouse for your laptop or want the best laptop mouse 2017, Logitech’s M320 is here to serve. It possesses uniqueness, a strong battery life, Ergonomic Shape, laser tracking and a unifying receiver, perhaps making it a perfect upgrade from the trackpad.

The Size of the mouse is comparatively smaller to other wireless mice, measuring 2.7 inches wide and 4.2 inches long, and seems to be very comfortable for the right thumb and not so much for the left-handed users because it isn’t ambidextrous.

Its sides are carved with a triangular design which adds a fashionable look and makes it easier to hold and drag across. While it is equipped with an optical sensor, it doesn’t like being dragged on glass and it will be quite annoying when maneuvering on translucent surfaces.

This mouse comes in a few colors that include black, gray, red and blue.

Basically unlimited battery life

When it comes to the battery life of a wireless mouse, it seems to be a core factor for any good product; Logitech deems the M320 the best laptop mouse 2017 because they claim that it can run on a single AAA cell for up to two years, hence no change of batteries is required.


  • Comfortable to hold in the hand because of the rubbery surface
  • Excellent battery life with one AA cell
  • Mouse supports Logitech Unifying tech



  • Not ambidextrous
  • No customization software or shortcut buttons


While there aren’t any left-hand varients, it’s still a good upgrade from the trackpad for $15 – $20 (depending on the color).


If you’re thinking of a small upgrade, while keeping your budget in mind, Logitech M320 is definitely a mouse you could end up getting.

Incredible battery performance, ergonomic shape, comfortable grip and eye-catching design puts it into the category of one of the best laptop mouse 2017; especially if you want an upgrade from a trackpad.