If you don’t know already, Microsoft is working on a beastly console known as the Xbox Scorpio, which is said to play games at Native 4K resolution, and have a monumental bump up in hardware over its predecessors.

After the Nintendo Switch’s exceptional launch, and strong start, many of the retailers which include GameStop expressed their thoughts on. The CEO of GameStop Paul Raines remarked “In physical gaming there have been cyclical declines without question, but we have very strong cards to play in Nintendo Switch, Sony VR and Microsoft Scorpio

the COO of the retailer, Tony Bartel also said during the investor call that he was enthusiastic with the gaming console and subtly expressed his thoughts that the Xbox Scorpio might even be the best selling console of 2017.
he said that the console will definitely help in revenue generation when it launches this year. saying “a very powerful system that’s really made for 4K

We know that what Microsoft is currently doing in the console world is truly spectacular, essentially bringing 4K to the mainstream. But, we also know that Sony may also be plotting up their own console to clash with the Microsoft giant.

What we know about the console so far

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Scorpio will be able to play 4K games, that much is obvious. But, we are still unsure what the console’s price, specs and release date will be exactly; we can speculate some of these things according to both market trends and comparability with PC hardware.


Under the hood, we know that the console must be rocking a current generation graphics chip or  it may also be based on the upcoming VEGA architecture. and it cannot be a GTX 1080 equivalent chip either due to manufacturing problems and cost.

What comes to mind is a chip which has the same TeraFlops as the current best budget to performance, higher end graphics card the GTX 1070 which rocks 6.5TFlops of processing power under the hood and a processor which is equivalent to an AMD Ryzen 1600x or i5 7th generation, 4 core processor.

The RAM requirement can be anywhere from 8GB to 16GB, depending on the power of the console, but the safest bet is 16GB, since we’re talking about Native 4K with the Xbox Scorpio.


The Xbox Scorpio is rocking too much performance under the hood to be the minuscule price of current gen consoles, which ranges from $300 to around $400 for the Ps4 Pro. The upcoming Microsoft Console will definitely be priced as much as a mid-end PC or around $700 – $800.

Usually, console manufacturers take a small loss when selling the game console itself, which was done with the PS4 on launch and make up for it with peripherals, slightly more expensive games and Payment for online services, which are basically an added equalizer or “premium” if you will.

Release date

The Xbox Scorpio still has an undisclosed release date, but when compared to previous console release dates, we can assume that the console may be released in the holiday seasons, around November this year. if correct, we still have a long way to go, and we may actually see the VEGA graphics chip release in a few months as well while we wait.

New Performance king compared to PC?

If you’re a PC gamer, and worried that the upcoming Xbox Scorpio will be a real test for PC gamers and whether or not it will be the best best thing when it comes to gaming. Hold your horses, there is still a lot of new hardware lined up which is consistently getting cheaper and more powerful by the generation.

From the expected price of the Scorpio, we can say safely that it will be a major contender for PC gaming if the current hardware does not change. But, since we’re going to be seeing both VEGA by AMD and Volta by Nvidia, the PC gaming platform may still take the edge, even after the console’s release.


We are still quite unsure of what to expect with the Xbox Scorpio, even though it is something to get gamers giddy, most of the presented information is quite vague and we will see how the market responds when it finally does hit the shelves.