Ultra defensive high elf units have come in action for the first time in the total wars: war hammer 2, released by the creative assembly for a war against the mzdamundi’s rebellion lizardmen.

An extremely conservative technique has been devised, that will definitely make John Munroe prouder, for the fighting. In this newer strategy, all those pointed headed elves will employ all the ways of ground battle, aerial fighting, gun fires and even the use of bows and arrows(as of the ancient wars right in the battlefield), and most excitingly, also the magic.

“This battle gives a greater, more in-depth look at the High Elf roster and how they play, alongside some new elements of the Lizardmen roster not yet showcased,” says Creative Assembly of the above. “This battle was created in a custom battle using an early work in progress of the game, and some elements, such as visuals and stats are subject to change.”

So yes, it is definitely going to be the marvelous one, seems difficult to wait until 28 September, when its release is due.