Someone Stuck a Graphics Chip Inside Asus X99 Pro Motherboard CPU Socket and Returned it As Broken

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When it comes to the tech savvy community, continuous innovation is the key to success. But for some people, sticking a GPU into a CPU socket on a super expensive motherboard is the way to do that.

In the UK recently, a guy decided it would be a great idea to disassemble a graphics card, take out the graphics processing unit and put it on a CPU motherboard just to see “if it works?”

While some would argue that it was the customer’s own engineering but returning it back to Overclockers UK is a bit too much.

While we can’t say for sure what graphics card that is (possible 1060 – 1080?) the motherboard is an Asus Pro X99 motherboard. Assuming from the motherboard itself, it’s safe to say that the graphics card is a GTx 1080. What do you guys think?

We’re not completely sure whether or not the customer got a refund, we do know that something like this hasn’t really been attempted before.


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