Sony might be announcing another console launch at E3 2017, which could possibly be a slimmer, and tinner version of the PlayStation 4, according to a Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes article.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to release a new Xbox game console code named Project Scorpio and the product is expected to be announced at the E3 2017 event, targeting the year-end holiday season. Sony is expected to release a thinner version of its PlayStation 4.

The article also discuses the projected amount of Nintendo Switch consoles the company wants to sell in the first year as well as reveals that the Xbox Scorpio is being produced by the companies Pegatron Technology and Flextronics, the same ones which manufactured the previous Xbox versions.

The article didn’t specify whether or not the upcoming “thinner” model is of the PlayStation Pro or the original PlayStation 4. Since the PlayStation Slim version came out last year, which was basically half the size of the original console, we can assume that the upcoming console may be a smaller version of the PS4 PRO instead.

Though, nothing is official at this point. But, Sony has to dash out a product to lessen the impact of the impending Xbox Scorpio launch.