Trashy dove is kind of a meme which started going rampant on Facebook a few days ago, this lovable head-banging purple dove has become one of the most widely used sticker around, with dozens being posted in the comments.

Some posts have no comments under than the doves.

Not only is this dove a very subjective taste for people, but a lot find them absolutely annoying and unamusing while others are enjoying this purple little guy to the fullest. The simple psychology behind this pretty little bird is initially it being extremely adorable, combined with the flashy purple color and the head-banging is quickly taking over as the best bird out there.

Here is us looking at whether or not we can delete trashy dove.

This meme may even be considered as the meme of the month and because of its popularity, its quickly spamming every single post on Facebook and making its way into the sticker library of thousands and thousands of people.