Since its early access launch in March, player unknown’s battlegrounds is being updated each month. Its updates provide with the improved server performances, add new weapons and motorcycle physics and also focus on the destructible environments along with the many other features. A feature which was being repeatedly requested by its players was the addition of the FOV slider is expected to be launched in its July update.

Smookie, one of the game’s developers, during a live streaming session announced on Twitter that all the necessary work for the addition of an FOV slider has already been completed. Definitely, the feature will be provided within two months and will focus the game’s first person view.

But an exclusive first person mode for the game will take some more time. VG 24/7 reported that Brendan Greene aka player unknown addressed this issue over the game’s official discord forums.

He said: “Dedicated first-person servers will take some time as it requires a lot of work from all teams, [it’s] not as easy as just flipping a switch. “Our game, platform, engineering, and gameplay teams all need to do work to make it happen, and they are all quite busy with optimization work at the moment!”

For now, let’s wait for pub’s week 16 update which will be provided later today