Little Nightmares is one of the better Indie games to release in 2017. While it isn’t the best platformer we’ve ever played, it’s definitely something work picking up for a very short but exciting play through.

Even though the game was incredibly short, we may still have hopes of seeing some new content dashed out by Bandai Namco. In their latest accolades trailer, a non-raincoat character is shown at around the 55 second mark.

Quoting the developers during a recent press release, “Be patient and watch it till the very end to get a clue about the future of Little Nightmares… Who’s that boy?” meaning it definitely has something to do with a new character and possibly a new DLC.

The character is shown in a more darker and creepier rocky area, it could be relating to the future of the game from Six’s (yellow hooded protagonist) era.

We’re not sure though; any new content would be accepted. For more updates. stay tuned.