There is huge excitement over the AMD Ryzen Release. Not only is the upcoming game-changing line of processors going to be a tipping point and finally an escape from the Intel monopoly but an extremely important opportunity for the advancement of technology itself due to competitive innovation.


Recently we got a preview of some of the X370 motherboards we can expect


during the Ryzen launch. Vendors like ASUS, GIGABYTE and BIOSTAR are quick to respond and will offer a slew of model ranging from $100 to $150 from budget to mid-end models.

The products look very similar to pre-existing Asus and Gigabyte models with different names, from the Gigabyte side AORUS is the newest line of motherboards whereas Asus has swapped out their Strix line with Prime for the AMD Ryzen release with higher-end models like the Crosshair be made available in the near future.

AMD Ryzen is coming and it’s real and we are ecstatic about it. Keep updated with us for further AMD Ryzen related news.