If you have missed this week’s news, Felix Kjellberg better known as PewDiePie, a well-known internet Sensation and the top subscribed YouTuber has had a rough patch in his career. After the severed ties with Disney and the cancelling of his show Scare PewDiePie which was a huge project with hundreds of people working on it, the media is deeply impacting the situation and making it worse tenfold.

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Not only is this a huge blow to a person’s character but a new low for the media. These major news publishing website. Instead of reporting real news, a YouTuber is the center of attention concluded by over exaggerated news and out of context reporting.


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As if a recent whole hearted apology to the public wasn’t good enough, the media outlets are milking this story and ruining the reputation of one of the most influential YouTubers of all time. Even though, the nature of his “offense” is arguable and inflated to proportions which has highlighted the impact of it from about nothing or something done in the name of humor to now, a full grown racist agenda.

Even after claiming innocence and apologizing, PewDiePie has become a villain to many people who have been misinformed by the nature of his channel, tarnishing his reputation as the somewhat family-friendly or family safe channel.

Fortunately, most of the aware public is with Felix even after the somewhat manhunt against him and news publishing media using his name to stir up mischief amongst the unacquainted populous and making unimportant events news.

Perhaps the largest hit isn’t to PewDiePie himself but the millions of fans. Not only will the nature of his comedy have to be revamped and reworked but from now on, because of this event, an open-source public website will be turned into almost an unnatural glorified playground for the politically correct.


Showing his support, H3H3Productions another comedy related channel with Jewish hosts, has defended PewDiePie from the outrageous allegations from the media, by explaining them in a rational manner.

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Conclusively, this situation is not in the best interest of anyone to peruse, not only is the “news” mindless and bigoted from the beginning but the fact that media has blown it up to such a huge proportion is mind blowing.