Nvidia launched their ‘DX 12’ performance improving “magical drivers”, claiming it would improve the FPS (frames per second).

According to Nvidia benchmarks, the latest 378.78 Nvidia drivers boast a marginal performance increase of 16% in DX12 titles, Rise of the Tomb Raider recieves a massive 33% boost according according to the company and Hitman gets a 23% performance increase.

Other than the apperent performance increase, optimization for Ghost Recon: Wildlands was also added; delayed till after the AMD driver support already came out due to apparent clash of interest between Ubisoft and Nvidia.

This seems like the best case scenario for Nvidia GPU owners but the real world difference in gaming is still lackluster. According to reddit user zJordan on a thread discussing the 378.78 driver release, the performance gain in Rise of the Tomb raider on his GTX 970 is “disappointing” and that Maxwell is not a priority for Nvidia.

Before 378.78 Drivers and After 378.78 Drivers.

But, it does seem that the GTX 1080 users are rejoicing as they are seeing actual improvement in FPS in almost all the mentioned games which includes Hitman and ROTR, according to this reddit user:

From what we have gathered, the FPS increase is mainly based around higher end GPUs like the GTX1080 and not so much towards the low – mid end graphics cards. A prime example is that the GTX 1060 has received arguably no real world FPS improvement in Direct X 12 titles, especially since the GTX 1060 is one of the most popular ‘User choice’ GPU.

Even though the mass of the Graphics card owners tend to buy mid end graphics cards, the emphasis on the higher end GTX1080 and GTX 1080Ti performance seems to be what the company is prioritizing instead of making the gaming experience for the Mid-end mass better.

It still stays unclear about what we will see from NVidia in the future; so far , it seems that AMDs mid end RX480 is actually offering a much better package when compared with the GTX 1060.