Nintendo Switch launch kicked off with a bang with almost all the early stock completely running dry all over the world. Monetarily, Nintendo definitely made a profit but whoever bought those defected Nintendo consoles got a shocker.

What the problem with Nintendo switch is that the concept was there but the implementation was done horribly. The users have complained about the Nintendo Switch Dying, bricking, making weird noises, going static, artifacting, orange screens, blue screens and many more.

It may be said that whatever Nintendo thought it was doing with the engineering completely backfired, the one thing which could have been implemented flawlessly has become an engineering nightmare, and fans are not happy.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of wild is causing massive problems too; often enough the game would start glitching, the screen would start flickering, or just go out of the game in general and not turn back on, frame rate drops and a lot of other problems.

The Joy cons are also very shabby and not very sturdy making it feel like a flimsy piece of plastic and the contact points are not very strong and seem like you can easily break/detach them.

Perhaps the worst of them all is the dock. Not only does it scratch the hell out of the console itself but also is made of cheap plastic which doesn’t support the console very well and is generally made of low-grade materials and is poorly constructed in general.

Nintendo isn’t even offering repairs or refunds to the people who got the defected Nintendo Switch consoles; dead pixels are considered ‘normal’ and ‘a part of LCD screens’.

Overall, Nintendo needs to get to the customer support instead of just making excuses for producing shabby products.