Microsoft’s Netflix Xbox Style game pass is now available for everyone. If you want to get a piece of the action, there is a 14 day free trial offered by the company so you can get antiquated with the service.

With over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games in the catalog including Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Payday 2, BioShock Infinite and many many more, you don’t stream these games. Instead, you just download them like a regular game and play.

Microsoft also plans to update their catalog every month and add new games, replacing some other ones in the list. With so many games to play, you may want to invest in an external hard drive to keep all of them.

Best thing is if you enjoy the game you’re playing through the Netflix Xbox service, you can get a 20% discount on the game and a 10% discount on any DLCs. This implies only for the Xbox One games.

If you want to, you can sign up for the Xbox Game Pass here. According to Phil Spenser, the initial sign-ups were “really strong”.

For more updates, stay tuned.