Mass Effect Andromeda has been out for about two weeks now and the game has had a grueling start, from a load of glitches and bugs to hilarious facial animation. Even after all the public backlash, the company hadn’t officially released any statements regarding the possible solutions to some of the problems in the game, until now.

In a tweet, the game developers Bioware tweeted out, addressing the public and giving out a specific date which is April 4th on which they will be presenting solutions for the glitches, bugs and possibly the facial animations that the game is ridden with.

however, the most probably case when it comes to Mass Effect Andromeda is that the Facial Animations which most people find hysterical, may not be “fixed” but the rest of the games’ problems may very well be. Even so, the game is playable with bad facial animations but pretty much unplayable with game breaking glitches and bugs.