The latest Outlast game 2017 is coming out tomorrow. Outlast 2 is going to be an amazing, well-optimized, scary and a fresh new experience for the returning fans as well as for the new comers who want a truly nightmare-ish experience.

The specifications of the game have been revealed and you can see them here.

While the question arises whether or not one of the best psychological horror games is worth the buy or not is very subjective – for a price of $29.99, the game offers several hours of intense horror, if you’re a fan of such a format in video games, Outlast 2 is worth every single penny.

But, if you’re easily afraid, the game isn’t for you. Because, you will be seeing extremely horrifying jump scares, gore, blood and mature themes in the game.

But, overall. If you’re not afraid of the dark, and are into horror themed games, Outlast 2 is worth the buy undoubtedly.

You can buy Outlast 2 on Steam here when it unlocks on 25th April.