Samsung has decided to increase their initial Galaxy S8 units from an already insane 10 million units to a staggering 17 million units upon release date. This amount is only the first stock of Galaxy S8 mobile phone units, which will be sold to various markets all over the world.

A production of 6 million galaxy S8 plus units has been reported, even though the sale of the Galaxy S8 Plus upon the first initial shipment. Even though there will be an increase in the stock later on. The plus model offers a bigger screen and a larger battery capacity.

There is also a rumor regarding that there will be a lack of flat screen option in the upcoming phones, and that the company is highly interested in the curved variant over the flat one, even though other rumors suggest that there will be a very limited number of flat screened models.

This ramp up in production may be caused by the recent troubles the company has gone through, from the massive loss of revenue from the Galaxy Note 7 to the recent battery manufacturing factory bursting into flames.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released on 29th march, 2017 according to rumors and may cost around $850 upon launch.