If you’re aware of Humble Bundle, it is a charity organization which offers gamers a chance to get games/software and donate to charity while they’re at it.

The latest Humble Streaming Bundle is available now -but not for long- and will be offline after 3 days. This bundle is one of the most premium bundles the organisation has offered yet, with a total MSRP of over $200 of useful, premium pieces of software offered for just $12 at maximum.

$1 deal:

Current average of $5.46 deal:

$12 deal:

This bundle is worth it on it’s own, the Hotspot Shield One Year Elite VPN lincense goes for a price of $47.88 alone, combined with the streaming license and XSPLIT premium, the bundle is a twitch streaming starter’s dream, cutting out a chunk of the cost of getting the right software to stream.

Humble Bundle’s best offer is here, and now available at this link.

For charity, Humble Bundle is a great way of saving a good chunk of change as well as helping people in need, this bundle supports the charities Action against Hunger and Game Changer but users can also choose from thousands of charities they want to donate to.

Scrolling down to the recent donations, you can see people donating thousands and thousands of dollars to charity through Humble Bundle, if you’re feeling generous and want to save lives, consider donating.