We are not sure ourselves how he did that, but apparently the inbuilt touch screen entertainment system is good enough to run DOOM pretty nicely. Even though it may not be the most ideal place to play the game



On 19th February a small time YouTuber Vexel modded his Porsche 911 sports car to run the original DOOM. There are three basic steps to install, the original DOOM game, a flash drive and, well, a Porsche 911.

This is a very easy way to mod your Porsche, and it is now possibly because of the new computing standards that car manufacturers have started to use which allows any mechanic to actually tinker with the car’s computer. Although we still think that this is satire.

Some witty comment said:


Even though, the video is made very awesomely and looks extremely bad ass I’d high recommend you not do this with your car as it is not only dangerous to you but the lives around you.