Recently, the Wildlands open beta went public and a huge number of players decided to try it out, to their surprise, even the beta felt like an early access. On the PC, the biggest issue is the optimization problems. If you don’t already have a beastly PC, good luck running this game with constant frame drops on lower settings.

What went wrong isn’t only the optimization, the cars in Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta feel like the cars from a custom CS:GO map, clunky as hell, and horrible to drive and if you hit an object, your car is likely going to be fine, as the car damage system is pretty terrible.

Roads in the games are a gimmick, you can reach your destination faster if you decide to ditch the roads and go straight down or up a mountain and even so, the car goes from 0 to 60 so smoothly and quickly, you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Yes, you can pilot helicopters, drive jeeps and cool bikes, but the driving is so horrifically bad, you would probably just want to walk instead.

The combat system is actually pretty good, you have your team and you can tag your enemies and time your kills together with your team, this feature is definitely one of the cool ones and makes the combat highly entertaining. And there is a lot more weapon and character customization than in The Division.
If you have a pistol, then you’re in luck because that gun is extremely precise and get head shots from even 15 – 20 meters away precisely, and without any bullets straying from their marks, gun fights are basically you and your team slaughtering the enemy with perfect precision.

the AI all have mental apathy as well, even on the highest difficulty, I found it not at all difficult to engage in any kind of gun fights or stealth.

However, it isn’t all bad. We also have crude dialogue and bad voice acting to go with it. Although the sounds in this game are actually pretty nice, songs and ambient noise make the game quite immersive but when you’re driving a hot wheels car in Wildlands, you really can’t be sure what you like.

Overall, I think that Ubisoft should have decided to delay the open beta by a day and consider optimizing it at least. To be honest, it would’ve made me play Wildlands a bit longer if I didn’t feel like I was watching a stop motion movie, improve the AI, improve the driving mechanics, and generally make it more challenging.