In case you’ve missed this amazing G2A bundle deal, G2A is now taking after Humblebundle and offering monthly deals for very little money. Right now, the whole game bundle is available for €1.5 or around $2. the deal can be found here.

The included games are

Dirt 3

Lords of the Fallen Digital Deluxe


Syberia II

Syberia I

All of these games are region free keys available for steam. Even though quite old, they are some of the fan favorites and extremely fun to play.

Because this is the first bundle of this kind from G2A, the first month subscription is only the aforementioned $1.5 instead of the regular $2.6. Or, you can buy this bundle without subscribing to the monthly bundle for $2.6.

The complete bundle of games if bought separately would be worth over $75 dollars, talk about a good deal.