PS4 Boost Mode is the latest software enhancement brought forward for the PS4 PRO, by improving the CPU and GPU core clocks by 30% and 14% respectively, an increase from 5% – 15% can be observed. Depending on the game.

Even though as of now, boost most isn’t more than just a matter of consistency of frame  for some games and an actual considerable improvements for others like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Battlefield 4 and many others


  • Further benchmarks reveal that Bloodborne has a considerable improvement when it comes to holding the game at 30 FPS when compared to the Base Mode which has a lot of jitters and jags around intensive areas “Any drops below 30 FPS are going to be cleaned up by Game Mode”
  • Dark souls 3 and Dark Souls 2 played using Boost Mode consistently maintains 30fps and 60fps respectively.
  • The Car chases scenes in Batman Arkham Knight had slight frame drops from 30FPS is now consistently maintained at a smooth 30FPS.

Overall, Boost Mode should be renamed to Beast Mode, offering extra performance for no extra spending (other than the Ps4 PRO of course). A highly recommended feature undoubtedly.