Denuvo may be the best defense against video game crackers for massive corporations and developers but it doesn’t stop the company from pirating themselves. Denuvo software solutions may be on the verge of getting sued for using illegal VMProtect.

According to a Russian user on rsdn forum, Denuvo Software Solutions wanted to incorporate and use VMProtect in their own systems were given a clear flag that it was impossible and not permitted, because developing something similar for a competing company would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DSS ended up buying a $500 serial product of the software and started making bank. The developers of VMProtect cancelled their license and asked for a modest compensation for the company’s use of their software, to which their proposal was ignored.

Translation of original Russian text:

We have given out signatures to antiviruses we cooperate with. Respect to Sophos: “For some reason my wife’s copy of Sophos keeps detecting a VMProtBad flag on one of the game’s dll files. Is there a lapsed license for protection with EA/BioWare that needs to be sorted out or did the system flag it on accident?”

At the moment, we have asked the VALVE support to contact the legal department in order to explain to them the “danger” of cooperation with these scammers.

Through our long-standing partners from Intellect-C, we are starting to prepare an official claim to Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH with the prospect of going to court, which can be a very good lesson for “greedy” developers who do not care about the intellectual rights of their colleagues in the shop.

It is to be noted that this person has also sued and won, for selling Acronis VMProtect. (source)

It is truly a shame if this all plays out and Denuvo, the benevolent software which has been a major shield in the fight against video game piracy is itself a manifestation of Piracy.

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