PC piracy has been on an all time low because of the Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology. While some games have been cracked in the couple opening weeks of release, such as Resident Evil 7 most notably, the anti-tamper technology is still not backing down.

We know that with each iteration, Denuvo gets ramped up; from the original few variations of Denuvo to the latest ones, there have been many improvements. But, one of the biggest enemy of the security software is Consp1racy.

The developers of the Indie fan-favorite Rime have called out the cracking teams, CPY and Baldman to show-off their skills and try to crack the game.
Dariuas even put up a condition if the game is cracked, that they will release a denuvo-free version of Rime. While the developer didn’t call anyone out in specific, he does imply that the most notable crack teams currently running.

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