Recently the famous cracker CONSP1RACY better known as CPY allegedly cracked 4 major games and will upload them to major piracy-related websites. CPY  hinted at what game was going to be cracked next and as it so turns out, not one but 4 games would fall to CPY’s keyboard.

Although, for pirates it may be a time to rejoice but for anyone who buys all their games, as well as major video game publisher it may be the time for sorrow. For it not only means that Denuvo (the anti-piracy DRM software) will be tougher for the next round but also that video game publishers will look at PC ports even more casually than they already do.

However, the surprising fact that the latest games Sniper Elite 4 and For Honor have allegedly fallen to the pirates is startling and that Piracy is on the rise again after its almost one year downfall.