Conan exiles has been out for just a few weeks and is currently in Early Access; provides feelings of loneliness in an active and alive environment. The fact that everything in this game superbly linked together from crafting to building and leveling up, the game still feels as if it lacks a main and important feature, completely being ignored by the developers.

Yes, Conan Exiles is fun which is certain and the community as far as I know is not half bad either, running into players who won’t kill you on sight ins’t uncommon and the crafting system, although not extremely deep is very well interconnected with different parts, from the furnace (ore smelter) to the tannery (to make leather) and many of the smaller visual / important tools and items in between. Candles, chandeliers, tables, stools, beds are also craft able.

But the most important thing which people have been fussing about is the Endowment meter, being able to adjust bosom size or crotch size is a complete meme in itself, completely useless but bumps up the fun of the game by a lot. You can truly experience a micro crotch or tiny bosoms or the exact opposite and get behemoths. In the game and with the options of partial or full nudity, it ‘s really effective in both distracting your opponent and having a fun time jiggling around yourself.

Other than the glitch filled atmosphere and the admittedly annoying mining system, the game has a lot more flaws which are not just glitches or something which can be added later to fix. The biggest flaw in Conan Exiles is perhaps the rather short map (would still take a while to roam around) but the fact that you spawn at the same location after death unless you have placed a bed/bedroll, makes it annoying to traverse and only a few key areas where you can actually mine iron and grind for items (like the northern mining area).

Weapon combat is good as well , although the archery system is really glitch filled and annoying to aim with, even though it is still new and there is a lack of animations, but still fun to do and effective. Dying doesn’t have any consequences either (subjective) which is both a good thing but sometimes, you may not find your dead body if you’re far enough away so that just evens it out. In Conan Exiles, the player is also subjected to a series of gruesome deaths; decapitation, beheading and crippling your enemy or get that done to yourself is pretty normal and easily doable.

Back to the endowment meter, you’re able to not only engage in a deep role playing in the game and your “special features” definitely make a topic to be discussed. Role playing makes the game extremely fun and is completely possible and there is even an actual game mode for it where players can actually actively role play near other players and what not.

Server list is pretty massive as well, an assortment of official servers along with a large list of player servers makes it easy to get into a game and play in an area near you. Pings, when under 200 are still playable even though it is sometimes really annoying and slow paced but there is not much server synchronization issues. Even though, a glitch causes the servers to restart every hour or two sometimes.

Overall, Conan Exiles in it’s current state is full of glitches and bugs and limited content but the fact that the game developers are actively working on improving the game and the fact that the game looks absolute beast partially compensates for the cost of the game. A little fact, Conan Exiles sold over 320,000 copies on release day for the PC, and consoles.