The Xbox Scorpio is will be the latest addition to Microsoft’s line of consoles and will be the one which will start the process of ending console generations all together, bringing them on-par with modern-day mid to mid-high end gaming pcs.

A question arises for those who are wondering whether or not they should buy a mid-end ~$600 gaming PC or wait for the Xbox Scorpio’s expected November release.

This is rather controversial and most people will have two different views on the topic, here’s our two cents.

While Microsoft is releasing an affordable high-end gaming console which they are claiming is capable of running games at Native 4K resolution with higher graphical fidelity as compared to its competitors and previous generation consoles.

Gaming PCs for the $600 – $800 Range

In this day and age, $600 “mid-ranged” PC has performance equivalent to a high-end gaming PC just 1 year ago, comparing the GTX 900 series by Nvidia and r9 300 series by AMD, as well as AMD’s latest Ryzen processors which bring high-end performance for nominal costs, PC gaming is ever expanding, getting cheaper and more powerful by the year.

If you decide to spend $600 on a PC right now, focusing only on hardware performance and not at all on the looks, you’d be able to pull together a GTX 1060 or RX 480 system with a Ryzen 1500X chip, 8GB of RAM, 1 Terabyte of space and a case.

However, if you decide on going for a $800 PC, you’re likely to get a GTX 1070 with around the same specifications buy with a Ryzen 1600x processor instead.

With either of the specifications, you CAN RUN native 4K resolution on the medium to low graphical presets on most games and still get good frames with the GTX 1060/rx480 setup and high graphics at 4k with over 30 FPS in most games with the GTX 1070 setup.

Xbox Scorpio Specifications

Comparing that with an Xbox Scorpio boasts a few important things; a powerful APU, high RAM capacity, and console optimization.

With the computing power of a destkop GTX 1070 at a price of $550 – $700 with console optimization, it will be a definitely amazing choice if you have a 4K television. Though, we’re not saying the graphics will look as good as on a GTX 1070 on a computer; chances are, it will be comparable.

Our Opinion

We are neutralists when it comes to Xbox Scorpio vs Pc’s and we promote both the platforms fully. We believe, if the Xbox Scorpio is as powerful as Microsoft claims it is for the price which is rumored, for a mid-end PC with current computer hardware, there is no competition. The Scorpio is the clear winner for the most part.

Although, there is the VEGA and VOLTA release coming up soon enough, maybe at Q3 2017 or at mid 2018, which is said to completely make 4K gaming public and make it mainstream, even though it already is for the higher end hardware for the PCs, mid-end hardware can’t fully handle 4K resolution as of now.