If you want to purchase the AMD VEGA GPUs, especially with the upcoming VEGA Frontier edition. If you are tired of the constant “Out of Stock” message or are getting ready to get your GPU. You may want to utilize a program expansion called “Distil“.

How it works:

You point it at a specific component of a site page, for our situation the little box that says “out of stock”, and you at that point set it to watch that regardless it says a similar thing at regular intervals.

That path inside 5 seconds of a page refreshing from “out of stock” to “click to order”, you can get your arse there in the blink of an eye.

We suggest using the website Newegg, as i don’t get charged tax. Other than that, their stock is updated constantly and you can run this technique.

You may also want to use it on Google Chrome; mainly because of the high CPU usage when using Firefox.

Other Methods:

You can always pre-order hardware. Unlike games, there’s usually no going wrong with buying latest hardware. If you’re waiting for the upcoming AMD VEGA graphics cards, you may want to pre-order or just utilize the trick above.

Going to an online service called NowInStock.net will help you know the latest stock details of all the products on the internet. Hit the website real hard on launch day and don’t stop refreshing until you can get one.

For more updates, stay tuned.