AMD is committed  in bringing 120+ fps, billions of  all at 16k resolution. But, this is not the time to be discussing that. In corporation with Valve and HTC vive, asynchronous Reporjection has been revealed.

It seems that AMD has its focus on VR and brining it to the mainstream, the whole Capsacin and cream event has been targeted towards VR and their new technologies and brand partnerships.

According to Marc Metis , it is a step forward when it comes to the VR experience.

The best possible VR experience is what our goal was, was always protected and preserved for our users

he added

it gives us the ability to go to a wider set of PCs and wider set of users, and AMD Reprojection allows us to do that

Along with asynchronous Reprojection, by AMD, HTC Vive has also announced a new $99 HTC Vive tracker, which is aimed at improving tracking with preexisting HTC Vive. This tracker is available for developers on march 27 on HTC vive website.