At the end of Capsacin and Cream, Raja confirmed the brand name for AMD VEGA, it will not be called RX 580 or 590, instead this enthusiast grade/gaming grade graphics card will be called RX VEGA.

Why is this of great importance? Well, during the finishing of the event, Raja also mentioned that AMD Vega will be a huge thing, that it will bring AMD to a new territories, one which AMD has never entered before. Basically, enthusiast grade graphics card with brand name equivalent to NVidia Titan series.

Raja said:

It is an entry to into market segments into we really haven’t been before, we wanted VEGA to stand for enthusiast gamers

Raja said after the Vega reveal:

VEGA, it is going to be VEGA, it’s not a RX 580, or 590, it is just called RX VEGA

This is actually actually a pretty cool name. While fans are hyped up for the VEGA reveal, video game developers are hyped for the new technologies which will come with the flagship GPU lineup.