AMD Ryzen has officially been launched, the long awaited Intel killer (at least the current gen) has arrived, bringing in an end to the Intel monopoly and a great day for PC budget gamers.

Ryzen is now official, the 1800X outperforms the Intel Core i7 6850 at half the price, this is remarkable. And best of all, this is just the beginning.

we are super excited to see what AMD has in store for us, the users. This release has definitely attracted a whole lot of people to join the red side. The complete details on the Ryzen chips is in the LinusTechTips video. In all honesty, this new line of chips is perhaps what most gamers have been waiting for much more than any new graphics card by AMD. The reason is that there now a lot of good performers for the dollar but not enough CPUs which perform amazingly well for the budget gamer.

We will keep you updated as there more news.