In the Capsaicin and Creamy live stream, we have gotten a preview of the AMD and Liquidsky ‘partnership’. During the live stream, the founder of Liquid sky Ian Mcloughlin showed us a sneak peak of their online services and how they will be ultilizing AMD VEGA graphics in their online servers.

Liquid Sky is an online service which for a nominal monthly fees, provide virtual gaming machines from which you can stream games running on high details on your older end hardware. Already, liquid sky has over 1.4 million users.

Ian Mcloughlin said

the whole experience, this vega experience, the high performance gaming experience an we stream it over the internet.

AMD has is teaming up with many of the online services and partnering up with companies, their plan is to bring new technologies and services which use their upcoming AMD VEGA graphics cards and to bring millions of other users a taste of AMD VEGA by using Liquid Sky.