If you are running low on disk space, no problem, here you go with HGST’s latest hard disk drive having 8TB storage space in only 260$.

Files are getting bigger because of high-resolution photos and 4K videos. We need a lot of disk space for backing up our data. HGST’s Deskstar NAS hard drive is the solution to our problem.

This NAS-ready hard drive is a 7400 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive delivering 20% faster media transfer rate than 5400 RPM drives. It has a large 128MB cache buffer.

NAS drives are equipped with rotational vibration sensors which after feeling vibration send a signal to the actuator controlling head’s position. The actuator then cancels out the disturbance with an equal and opposite force which keeps the head on track and data is prevented from loss or corruption.

The only drawback is that, if something went wrong with HDD, you are going to face enormous data loss, assuming this drive as your sole backup.


  • Performance – 7200 RPM, 128MB Cache buffer and 6Gb/s SATA interface.
  • Capacity – 8TB.
  • Reliability – 1M hrs MTBF, Rotational Vibration Sensor.

If you want to pick up this spacious NAS drive, you can do so here. For more updates, stay tuned.