Quite recently, Apple decided to reveal the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X and the internet was taken by storm. Other than the fact that the iPhone 8 had practically no new features when compared to the iPhone 7, its older brother, the iPhone X, was a complete overhaul.

It got us thinking, what ever did happen to the iPhone 9? Well, that’s pretty easy to understand. Here are some of our theories regarding what happened to the iPhone 9.

Firstly, according to the internet, Apple tried to make that old, worn out joke “7 ate 9” but that’s just a joke at best. Well, you do realize this isn’t the first time a company decided to skip the beautiful 9 number, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10? Where was the 9?

Same goes for apple; 9 just doesn’t seem like a good number from a marketing standpoint, when compared to 10 (or X in this case). Plus, it wouldn’t be that original either, since a 9 upside down is just a 6, and Apple might not have liked that.

The major reason is that Apple wanted to be different; sure they could’ve named their latest iPhone the iPhone IX but that wouldn’t have looked good in the advertisements or on the box, so the simplest reason why Apple decided to skip the iPhone 9 was looks, aesthetics and most of all, “originality”.