Recently, rumors have emerged which tell us that the latest iPhone will not be called what most people think it was going to be called. The iPhone x will be replacing the iPhone 8; this new nomenclature has raised some eyebrows of fans and has gotten them curious.

So, why is the new iPhone x has an x instead of an 8? Well, we can’t know for sure until it’s out but we can theorize, and here are some of our theories.

iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8

While the iPhone X should be considered a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S8, the fact that the Note 8 has a much closer release date to the latest iPhone and the fact that both the phones -the Samsung and the Apple- have an infinity edge display.

The edge-to-edge display and competition

Since both the phones have similar screens (Samsung made the displays for the iPhone too) we can theorize that Apple wanted to make something which stands out a bit better.

The Note 8 and the iPhone X both have amazing looks and a similar infinity display configuration and since the Note 8 has been on the market for a while now, it would seem that the number 8 has already been overused.

It’s more than just a marketing scheme, it’s a statement, something which says “we’re different, we won’t play by your rules”, this is important when it comes to Apple, as their products are, in general, considered to be a fashion statement along with having great functionality.

iPhone X and the premium Charade 

We know that Apple makes products focused towards feeling like gold. The premium feels and non-conventional approach to marketing is what separates Apple from the rest of the mobile companies. We can see this in their 120 Hz refresh rate iPads and we have seen it in their newest iPhone.

While giving it a different name won’t really make it all that different, the feel you customers get when opening the newest beauty in town which is conveniently named to be different from other phones, is something which Apple is going for.

It isn’t really about what the name is, it’s about sending a message. Our product is different, our product is real and our product is special.

iPhone X Specifications 

Display OLED edge-to-edge
Design 5.8-inch, glass body, stainless steel edges; size close to 4.7-inch iPhone 7
Other (design / features) Top of display has notch; function bar at bottom; no hard home button
 Camera (rear) Vertical dual-lens with ‘smart camera.’ Augmented reality capabilities; 4K video recording at 60 fps.
Camera (front) Face ID to unlock with 3D sensing
 Charging wireless (inductive) charging
 ID Face ID to unlock
 Processor  A11
 Availability Limited
 Price  $1,000

Source: forbes

Would you buy the iPhone 8? Does the change in name make a difference? Let us now!