Social media consumes almost 70-80% of our digital activities. People spend a good chunk of their day online and that too on one of social media apps.

This prolonged usage of social media has brought a shift in consumer behavior as well. Now, people do not take up the ordeal of calling or emailing a business but rather message on business’s Facebook page regarding their queries. Likewise, people now also don’t want to leave social media apps for a website where they have to enter details. They prefer sending their details within the Facebook page inbox.

For businesses, that’s both good and bad. Good in the sense that they get an engaged community on social media that also buys from them. Bad in the sense that no business can afford a 24/7 social media team to address customers.

Chatbots are the new hot thing in this domain but then again, that would mean that additional to a website or an app, businesses would now also have to dedicate a tech team and budget for making a chatbot.

But, right now a number of tools are here in the market that let you make your own chatbots with minimal coding.  One such tool is Botsify which comes up with a number of features.

The latest feature of this chatbot making tool is a must for businesses that collect leads from customers and utilize them for marketing and communication purposes.

The Forms feature of this tool helps businesses keep track of customer record without prompting customers to fill forms. People would feel like they’re talking to the representative of the business whereas in reality, their responses will be collected as a sheet or table.

This tool and its Forms feature is a must-checkout if you’re a tech enthusiast and want to optimize your customer response as well as generate more leads through social media.