Pakistan isn’t high-up in the gaming scene internationally, even though Pakistanis have a deep love for gaming. Games like DOTA 2 and CS:GO are one of the most popular ones in the country and are played by pretty much anyone who can.

There are a lot of gaming cafes spread throughout Pakistan which are priced differently, depending on the amenities they provide. But, Portal – Premium Gaming is one of the definers of the premium gaming experience in the country.

Computers and Gaming

Having an amazing setup with GTX 1080 computers paired with 144Hz gaming monitors, gaming peripherals, DXRacer chairs and food and drink services also on hand, this is a must-go place if you are in Lahore.

Pricing wise, this place is the perfect way to spend your weekends. Clocking in at around $3 an hour if you are a guest or $2 an hour if you are a member. That’s extremely cheap considering the ambiance, peripherals and comfort your getting for little to nothing.

If you want to try out VR, you can get a 60-minute session on Oculus Rift/HTC VIVE for a mere $15 an hour with their computers equipped with the latest and greatest GTX 1080Tis.

Though, we would like to see more variety in the games available for playing. CS:GO and DotA 2 are fine games which are loved throughout the country, the availability of latest games like the upcoming COD:WW2 or Battlefield 1 would be appreciated.

Even though playing CS:GO with your pals is fun as it, having a larger collection of games may be the best option for customers who would want to play more graphically intense games in the future.

PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

The services provided for console gamers are actually quite exceptional. With up to 55″ screens and both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One available along with the most popular and newest games like Don Bradman Cricket ’17 and Fifa, you can have a really good time if you’re with friends or just want to spend your day relaxing alone.

With PlayStation 4 PRO consoles and 4K screens at little to nothing price and with group bulk discounts also available, you are in for one nice experience if you end up going here every day (I know I would).

Ambiance and Comfort

What makes Portal – Premium Gaming worth it over any other Gaming Cafe, other than the amazing equipment, of course, is the ambiance. You’re getting a very modernistic, minimalistic and very well-designed gaming space with proper peripherals, which truly give off the experience of entering the 21st century.

With gamers all around, you can truly get yourself into the zone and just “zone out” with your game and perhaps with your friends while you order the slew of foods available like sandwiches, smoothies, shakes, and burgers.

An air conditioned, comfortable room with a comfortable chair, playing your favorite game may be the best feeling ever, and these guys provide that amazing experience every single time.

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What’s there not to love about it? If you’re in town and want to grab a quick game with a couple of buddies, heading down to Portal, Lahore may be the best decision you can make. If you want more details, you can check out their Facebook page right here.

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