Gaming is becoming a big thing. It has grown out of the phase where it was more of a personal trip or something which a community experienced together, turning into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Countries around the world are participating in e-sports and several countries -Like Korea, China, America etc.- have been investing in this new and flourishing industry.

While Pakistan has been on the down low when it comes to this sort of stuff, advancements have been made as several new gaming Cafe’s have been opened throughout the country with one of the best being Portal – Premium Gaming.

This “premium” gaming cafe actually offers extremely powerful gaming PCs, consoles and VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE for an arguably nice price. Here are the specs for both the VR PCs and the “normal” gaming PCs:

Specs for PCs:
BenQ XL2411 144Hz
GTX 1080
Aorus MOBO
Core i7 7700k
Razer Kraken chroma V.2s
Logitech G502s

VR PC specs:

All the same except for Graphics Cards, 1080Tis instead of just 1080s.
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive

For the Console floor:

PS4 Pro
Xbox One S
Private game booth.

This Cafe went completely hard when it comes to gaming and everything is pretty much top of the line. Here are some of the pics of the inside:

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It’s pretty nice that there is a growing focus on gaming in the country; we’re excited to see what future improvements they provide to this system.