Ghost Recon: Wildland comes with a series of errors and bugs which will get to pound your head in frustration, here are some of the known bugs and fixes to them.


If you are facing a problem where Wildlands beta wont start after installing, or getting a black screen with sound, there is an easy solution for it.


There are actually multiple fixes to it, and reasons to why it is not working. here are some of them:

  • Turn of UPlay overlay from the Uplay.

To do that you have to turn on the Uplay client and go to

Settings > General tab > uncheck the second checkbox

  • Run your Uplay Client in administrator mode

To do that, all you have to do is right click on the Uplay client shortcut and click on run as administrator.

  • Run in windowed mode manually

Go to “Documents > My Games > Ghost Recon Wildlands

Open the folder and click on the GRW.ini file

Change the WindowMode = ? (? = some number from 0 to 3)

Change it to WindowMode = 1 or 0

Save and exit.

  • Another reason why the game isn’t starting may be that your graphics card does not have enough VRAM, game has a recomended VRAM of 2GB  which is optimal.


Mouse Delay


there are a number of ways you can fix this issue

  • Set the priority of the game to high or above

While in game, press shift + tab or Ctrl + Alt + delete and get to the task manager, traverse to the details tab, find ghost recon wildlands, right click on it and click on set priority and set it to high or realtime.

  • turn the game settings down to get more FPS, this may help the mouse lag by a bit.