Valentine’s Day preparation for Single Gamers in 3 easy steps

Valentine’s Day is around the block, candy hearts, chocolates and flowers are all around, gifts to your SO (significant other) or “just friends” and asking girls/guys out to be your valentines and love is in the air.

Of course, most still don’t have a date for valentines or to share their feelings with, have a romantic dinner or make out. For any other average Jane or Joe, sitting around wallowing at their own selves may be the way Valentine’s Day as a single person may be celebrated.

But as single gamers, we perhaps don’t give a damn, here is a list of things you can do as a single gamer:

  1. Turn on your console by kissing it gently


This is perhaps the most important step when it comes to enjoying Valentine’s Day as a single gamer, without it you can’t get anything to work!



  1. Kiss your console sensually, to expose the disc tray



After spending some alone time with the console and turning it on, gently tease the disc tray button and make it open its mouth, a very essential step which will help you fully utilize your time on Valentine’s Day enjoying what you want!


  1. Enjoy a whole day of fun with no one to tell you to give them flowers!