Two Players Unknown Battle Ground games are about to release for smartphones; Chinese Internet Giant, Tencent is backing both games’ release.

With its Timi Studio making one that adds naval battles while the other game is being made by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio which the trailer showed to be like the more “conventional” version, you can see the trailer and judge for yourself:

We are not sure about their specification but perhaps both games are being developed using Unreal Engine 4. These games were superbly famous on the PC and Almost 20Million copies were sold. let’s see if these games are groundbreaking for the mobile platform as the original game was for the PC.

First PUBG Game:

The first PUBG game announced by Tencent is referred as “Army Attack” which is being manufactured by Tini Studio. A strategy based game, in which naval Warfare will be included players are free to control their ship and can gun each other at sea, you won’t only have ships but also helicopters can also be used to shoot at your opponent.

Second PUBG Game:

The second game announced by Tencent is manufactured by keeping “last man standing” in mind, players will be hunting their opponents on a deserted island. Lightspeed and Quantum Studio are behind its development.

This Mobile Pubg is definitely something we’re looking forward to; however, do not expect graphics to be anywhere near the PC version.


Does Mobile PUBG have Clash of Clans like gameplay?

While we cannot be sure until the game is officially out but we can assume that the first game will be much more like a conventional CoC-esque platformer that has semi-realtime gameplay based on the freemium concept.

But, the second one seems to be a much more promising shooter for those looking for a PUBG-like experience. It’s possible that it’s a third-person perspective shooter much like the mobile PUBG clone Grand Battle Royale -which is a rather fun game with functioning 100 player matches- but take this with a grain of salt for now because it still isn’t out yet.


Mobile PUBG worth trying out?

Although it’s early to assume whether or not these games will be blockbusters for smartphones or not, Tencent has a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing games for the mobile platform.

Their previous products have been quite popular and we can expect these games to be worth playing as well. However, keep this in mind that Chinese will be able to enjoy this game for the moment and is currently in the beta version.

We’ll keep you updated with any news we get regarding PUBG’s release, stay tuned for more PUBG news.