PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds upcoming update was said to be to just improve the server performance. But, we all know and love the development team behind Battlegrounds and know they won’t leave you hanging without any new content. So, the latest update of the game will feature a new gun and maybe a few more surprises.

Last month, we got the VSS, those epic two-man bikes which were capable of doing sick stunts and a few other things. This time, Breden Greene or PlayerUnkown said during E3 2017 that the team was working on “server improvements” in the latest battlegrounds update.

But, a new gun was teased which may be released along with this month’s update, and that is the Glock 18-c, which look quite similar to the default ones from the T side in CS:GO.

Here’s the teaser for the Glock-18 which may be in the upcoming update:

Battlegrounds update teaser

The clock will have the option to be both single and burst fire, and is compatible with red dot sites and silencer. When it comes to ammo though, it takes the (pretty common) 9mm rounds.

If you haven’t already checked out PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds, it may be the best time to do so. For more updates, stay tuned.