We have seen many amazing Gun Sync videos in the past, many of them exclusively sticking to single games, like CS:GO, Rainbow six Siege, battlefield and so on. But this, is perhaps the best and most well planned Multi-game Gun Sync video of all time, including many games of different genres.

Battlefield, Fallout 4, Fallout 3, Just cause, Call of Duty and many more. Being a 3k subscriber special of the YouTuber TheJabberturtle. One of the basic things which these Gun Sync videos require is a both research, matching sound, picking song and indeed they take time.

Some of the best reasons why this is the best Gun Sync music video of all time is because of the fact that games from different genres like RPG and FPS are being blended seamlessly into a beautiful symphony of video game gun elements tuned together made made unison by a beautifully placed and edited song.