Video games have revolutionized the entertainment industry and there is no stop when it comes to capitalizing on the industry’s success.

Smartphones today are more powerful than some PCs these days and this trend of increasing the hardware capabilities of handheld devices has allowed an increase in the demand for mobile video games. While there is a slew of games which have gained massive success in the past –Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Clash of Kings, Slotomania Casino- there are emerging games today which are hugely successful as well.

With everything moving towards the smartphone and since everything is now available online, people glued to their phones more than ever and the quality of mobile video games is not only improving, but the profitability has seen a massive increase in the past 4 years as well.

In fact, according to recent studies, the number of mobile phone gamers in the United States alone is over 180.4 million and that number has grown drastically from 80.7 million in 2011. There is an estimated growth to 213 million mobile gamers in 2020.

When speaking of big numbers, an average mobile gamer in the US has spent 77.6$ on games. While this number isn’t for everyone who has ever played a game on their phone, and maybe not even for most of the mobile phone gamer population, it simply tells us that the 1% which has spent on mobile games, has spent an incredibly massive amount averaging it out to that amount.

With Clash of clans earning close to a million dollars a day at one point, the industry is definitely on an unbeatable road to success.

That’s not the only thing though. Using your smartphone you can play any games including casino games such as roulette or blackjack too and the betting industry is a major force which has brought forward the betting and gambling format to mobile phones.

It is amazing how many users “Gambling on the go” services has attracted, with an estimated active 170 million users worldwide in the years 2018. This is due to the fact that starting your first is as easy as downloading an app tapping on your screen.

Conclusively, mobile gaming sector has seen a sharp increase whether it is in conventional freemium form factor or betting and gambling games and applications, the industry is turning massively profitable and an increase in both users and revenue observed yearly.