The upcoming Mass Effect game, Andromeda is available through Origins Access program, with the first two missions and some multiplayer action to get a good long preview of what the game is about. We know that Bioware pulls a typical Bioware all the time and this time, it’s hilarious.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s facial expressions, buggy animations are the least of it’s problems. Although for gamers, it definitely makes for a hilarious time.

If you want to experience 10 hours of the game yourself, you can get it here.

What the truly unique experience we have gathered so far playing the game is that the developers had over 10 years of technological advancement to improve the ‘alive’ part of the AI but this game truly shows us that AI can’t be alive. Dead/fixed eyes, horrible facial expressions and just funny animations makes it more of a circus than a game.

So far, we’re only discussing the game’s animations, not the gameplay or what not. Even though the animations could be ironed out in a patches or two, it is highly unlikely the dead AI facial expressions and eyes can be fixed. Although the animations in Mass Effect Andromeda look horrid, the player faces and voice acting is actually, surprisingly good.

The game is still worth the buy though, if you’re a console gamer, you need not fret about the game at all, it will be just fine, except maybe the animations of course. But, if you’re a PC gamer wanting to buy Mass Effect Andromeda, wait it out and see the port report of the game before buying it.

The absolutely hilarious part of the game is the fact that even though they took over 7 years to release another Mass Effect game, they forgot that the time’s have changed and clunky animations are unacceptable. Mass Effect Andromeda will still probably a success though as animations just add to the fun of the game.