Little Nightmares is one of the most amazing puzzle-platformer horror game we have ever played – while Inside, Limbo may be a nice comparison to what this game is about, nothing compares.

Whether or not Little Nightmares is worth buying is up to you, but we believe it is fun and worth the money and here’s why:


While a lot of horror games build up an atmosphere, the sense of depravity and artlessness sets this game apart – you are essentially thrown into a very detailed, animated and well-put together world with nothing but a lighter, a raincoat and your tiny self.

With balanced sound and relevant ambiance and background noise, every scene is setup to be encapsulating and soul consuming while keeping a constant sense of wonder.

Though the game is essentially a puzzle game, there are more than enough moments where you feel connected with the more imminent dangers upon you rather than focusing entirely on solving a puzzle.

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Graphics and Effects

While i would say the graphics in Little Nightmares are one of the factors why this game takes the cake even considering there are other games in the same genre is because the art is incredibly detailed, a perfect play of darkness and light, a sense of immanent danger is always there, especially with slugs and falls almost every step of the way.

If you are playing it on the PC and have a controller, or on a console – every single action in-game like climbing, reaching, footsteps and heart beating are tied in with the controller vibration, making it incredibly immersive and goosebumps inducing.


Little Nightmares gameplay is an enticing reason to buy the game. Although, the game is only 3 or so hours long, depending on how well you solve the puzzles (it could be completed in 2:30 hours or 2:45 easily). Even though it’s a short game, it’s detailed and crafted perfectly that you’ll have fun every step of the way.

Although, the price is $19.99 for a 3 hour game, we will still suggest this game if you’re looking for a atmospheric platformer, full of creepy and spooky themes.

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While most would argue that because the game has no replay-ability and a short game time, that it’s not worth it. However, the game is very well designed and the atmospheric is almost enveloping, making it worth the money in our books.