So, the iPhone X will be released soon enough and I know I’m getting my hands on one. The reason why I was actually excited for the phone wasn’t because of the fancy new name or the better performance; I was excited to play some of my favorite iOS games on the new iPhone.

The best games on the new iPhone may be a subjective matter, but here are some of the fan-favorite games on iPhone X.Real Racing 3

  1. Real Racing 3

You’ve probably heard of Real Racing 3 by now; not only is the game perhaps the most popular racing game on iOS (and Android) which truly takes advantage of a bigger screen. There is no doubt that the favorite platform to play this game would actually be an iOS device, but most devices aren’t as large or as sleek looking on the Apple side.

With the iPhone X, not only will this game look much more appealing for the most part, but it will also be much more comfortable to control. No need to get an iPad to enjoy the game, you can do that on your new iPhone X

2. Monument Valley

This game would perhaps be the first one I try on my new phone. Monument Valley on iPhone X would be a great way to start off your mobile gaming adventure mainly because of the fact that the game has a lot of unique colors and spacious themes; I remember playing on my iPhone 7 and thinking how a bigger (and better) screen would actually make this game come to life a lot more.

As the new iPhone makes its appearance, there is no doubt that this game would be a massive hit with the mobile gaming community.

3. Limbo

We’re focusing on colors more often than not and Limbo on the iPhone X is something to behold; not only are the dark themes darker, but the trickle of light which the game does provide seems to be amplified; this balance between light and dark makes for an extravagant experience which is worth replaying the game on the new device.

Since the newest iPhone has a bigger screen which is also edge to edge, the experience will be much better overall.

4. Vain Glory

Vain Glory is a really nice MMO on the IOS platform which would take full advantage of the massive screen of the newest iPhone. As a matter of fact, I often find myself playing on my iPad rather than my old iPhone 6 Plus mainly because a better area to body ratio would mean that more space to control my characters as compared to having a lot of the body getting in the way.

Other than that, Vain GLory on the iPhone X would be great because of the more popping colors and a better overall feel.

Are you excited for the latest iPhone? Are you buying one too? Comment below.